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2008-06-06 03:39:07 by maciik

So I finally have some time :-) -1.html
Check out what's new in my starcraft flash. This is work in progress, bug testing version.
Short info:
- bigger resolution
- fullscreen
- 12 units
- location saving (not 100% working)

I'll do my best to add all stuff that was posted here or I got in emails.
So thx for a lot of good ideas!

Btw I'm trying some multiplayer things: flash client + java server.
Right now I have fullyfunctional multy-user chat. So if all things go in the right way, we will see some player vs player battles maybe :-)

Have fun!

current work

2008-03-05 07:36:31 by maciik

Thx to some good ideas for my starcraft rpg,
I'm currently workin on update that will add some rpg elements to the game.
It will need a lot of testing :)