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2008-06-06 03:39:07 by maciik

So I finally have some time :-) -1.html
Check out what's new in my starcraft flash. This is work in progress, bug testing version.
Short info:
- bigger resolution
- fullscreen
- 12 units
- location saving (not 100% working)

I'll do my best to add all stuff that was posted here or I got in emails.
So thx for a lot of good ideas!

Btw I'm trying some multiplayer things: flash client + java server.
Right now I have fullyfunctional multy-user chat. So if all things go in the right way, we will see some player vs player battles maybe :-)

Have fun!


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2008-06-24 15:19:01

yo something has gone wrong with the game on your website its got enlarged and you can even see the updates and the start butten or anything like tat there all push to the side and push to the bottem fix this plz i want to start playing to see wat has been updated in this so buged up game

maciik responds:

the version on my website is work-in-progress.
it is enlarged, sad for you that you have small monitor or resolution :(
if you press F key the game goes to full screen mode - that can help you.


2008-06-24 15:31:09

I MENT cant


2008-07-05 06:52:24

Whoah man, LOTS of improvements,GJ


2008-07-08 06:42:32

the game screen is too large even in full screen make it a bit smaller


2008-07-19 21:07:38

This game need of some cheats...
Can you make some cheats?



2008-07-24 16:27:10

screen is too big, cant even see everything even in fullscreen. make the screen smaller(so it can fit the computer)


2008-07-25 05:13:04

How come i start with 50k minerals and gas.....


2008-08-08 20:26:41

Wait, so on the World Map, it says the areas with the read lines connecting means "Not in this version". Does that mean that you're soon going to upgrade it, or that the full version ins on your site?


2008-08-13 11:45:38

if anyone is in need of a story maker tell me!!!!!!!!!!!


2008-08-18 23:53:44

By the way, you really need to work on your litteracy. Your spelling was atrocious, though the only person it seemed to bother was oh well.

Also, as a side-note, when will you reply to my comment? XD


2008-08-29 20:23:35

hey great job. i played it on the web site its alot better very fun
but i was wondering if u could tell me where u got the starcraft disco pub room song and if u made it send to me please. htanks and good luck with future flashes


2008-10-02 07:54:25

Hey, I've played your new game at the website above.It was fun and all.But there r some simple things that arent working at all.Please fix them.
1)The advanced supply depot does not work.
2)The siege tank(siege mode) does not even shoot at all.
3)Kinda slow.

Thats all i got >>


2008-10-25 14:04:22

i think maciik is dead, or lazy, or dead...


2008-12-16 20:45:34

if you have questions about the game tell me i am taking over since i was working for him


2009-08-14 00:05:21

hey, iv been trying to load the link, but it doesn't load. the screen just stays black. am i hitting the right link? is it " g-1.html "? if its not not the right web address, can someone send me a hyperlink to the email " "?


2010-01-16 00:43:20

when on the set site, go into skill/stats and exit, you will end up outside the map

to everyone else, just remember, this guy does have a life, and mostly like take money to make aswell


2010-01-16 01:00:50

also, on your site, upgrades dont affect units
cant use skill/stats upgrades


2010-03-22 20:11:56

can you give me an update to your starcraft flash rpg and when i download it in your main site it does nothing you should have something to play it in when downloaded


2010-05-06 19:49:08

the game is a lot to big even in fullscreen and 1% zoomed it is still to big make it so that you can change the size of it


2010-05-06 19:52:20

hay dude please this should be blamed for not being fixed yet !


2010-05-06 19:54:05

all sue the creater!


2010-05-06 19:55:07

and also my other laptop lost internet conection and now this one is smaler size


2010-11-06 07:10:56

that starcraft game is awesome i am a starcratf 2 fan but the rpg is awesome


2012-03-20 15:57:43

Maciik, sory if I talk bad english, im portuguese... But what I want is to now what your website have...! I love Starcraft series, I have Starcraft 1 and 2, but this flash ame is unique: RPG. Your website says:
"Contact soon Ynet public relations at .
In communications , please indicate name of the blocked sites you have booked."
Can you explain it? I want to play Starcraft Flash RPG and I can't! I allready do tree or four E-Mails! Please, explain to me what is appened to your website here or to my E-Mail:!
I await your reply!


2012-08-07 15:11:30

His game still needs TONS of improvement.