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2008-03-05 07:36:31 by maciik

Thx to some good ideas for my starcraft rpg,
I'm currently workin on update that will add some rpg elements to the game.
It will need a lot of testing :)


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2008-03-05 09:29:05

Lookin forward to it!


2008-03-05 11:09:48

Hey, just want to point out some bugs and a few suggestions for your RPG.

Sometimes after combat the game is stuck in the combat screen and one go back to the over world screen, so I have to reload the game and start back at the town again. This has happened mostly in the unknown cave but other places as well.

I cant click on other units in the group to see their stats, so I don't know how upgrades are effecting them. It would be nice to be able to select more than just the hero.

At the loading screen we see a selection of many different starcraft heroes, but when the game starts we can only have the marine hers. It would be nice to be able to choose from 3 or 4 heroes at the start. and the voice and picture for Raynor is wrong, its just a normal marine not the hero voice.

Hope this helps ya improve the game!


2008-03-05 15:52:05

The way I see it, the game already has rpg elements, but just enough to keep it Starcraft. I mean, if you look at some of your most recent reviews, their suggestions actually make the game less Starcraft and more like common-unoriginal-rpgs. The story is common Starcraft material, which other people don't seem to realize and vote unfairly for. Some don't know what role you're playing as (Jim Raynor and his quest to get off the zerg-infested planet). Some don't know how important it is to use medics. I think you should add a little more RPG elements (not that there isn't enough, I think it's perfectly fine), but enough so that it stays Starcraft.

And it would be great to see the death animation bug fixed, it's a pain searching for the overmind and having to start over at the town, lolz.


2008-03-05 16:00:54

Some things I forgot to mention:
1. When you click on the vehicle units in the shop, it shows the infantry ups along with the stats.
2. You misspelled roster as "rooster" lol.
3. How do you use the SCV?
4. I think it would be a good idea to change the stimpacks effect from +40% attack speed for marines and firebats to having an icon beside each marine, firebat, and your hero. Then, by clicking the icon, you sacrifice 10 health and shoot 60-70% faster for a limited time, just like Starcraft.
5. Have energy regenerate constantly instead of waiting for it to hit 0?
6. Like the last guy said, fix the portrait to Jim Raynor and the voice too. And be able to click on individual units in your roster to see their stats.
7. Do you have this game on your own site without a 10MB restriction?


2008-03-05 22:13:49

Awesome job man! Bout time someone actually put some effort into a good Starcraft flash keep it up im looking forward to the RPG elements as well.
Definitely favorited...definitely 5/5 ;-)


2008-03-14 17:10:51

/*list of suggestions at bottom*\
(yes i did copy this from the game comments)
I loved this game, couple of suggestions though,, make the scv a placeable unit and have 2 special spots (8 spots total) for healing units. another thing would be to have the zerg go by placements cause i know a ling can't attack from long distance. kinda kills the game play cause of that. also, i sent u an email so if your wondering there is a connection :P i use this user name allot. Another thing is that you don't have the vulture in this game. It's a great unit although idk how you would work in the spider mines. a nice addition would be more findable units

here are my suggestions in a list for easy access,
1. make scv placeable unit.
2. add 2 healer specific spots(8 spots total)
3. make the zerg use special placement rules, lings aren't long distance.
4. add in vulter's and possibly spider mines.
5. more rescuable units


2008-03-17 08:55:02

could be better if there were more characters and more missions.


2008-04-03 02:56:29

Dorga remember this is only beta ver. i am sure ge will fix it later.

What is the supply depot for?. It said +8 slots. Now i wonder.... Wich slots??!


2008-05-01 21:51:32

whats the URL of your website and is this going to be the first post you will ever make? please make more posts about starcraft.

maciik responds:


2008-06-26 19:47:19

Seriously, Update newgrounds to your current version thats on your site..


2008-08-01 03:29:32

Hi, I think I found a bug in the version from your website g-1.html. When I enter roster and want to remove a unit, I can't type in any number (but I can type letters though) and when I hit OK the psi falls down with one unit. If I keep hitting OK I can even get negative psi, but still can't remove my unit.


2009-01-24 11:35:59

It's a great game so far, but I'm not able to use any of the side buttons, like roster and fly/land, I also bought the extra unit supply depot, but now I can't get more than 6 soldiers. I can't put vehicles in my party either. Is it just because i'm using Firefox?


2009-01-24 12:21:39

Forget about my last comment, I found out that i was playing the old version of the game, and not the one on your site. All the things I pointed out are working now.


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